7 Perfume tricks for a sexy and longer scent

Every girl likes the charm of feeling confident over the overall image through the scent of perfume. I bet you know of that friend that smells amazing no matter the time of the day and you keep wondering what is their secret.

Is it the expensive classy perfumes they buy or the enamour for Egyptian dragon fragrance? Well, it’s no secret that you can still outshine on your normal perfume.

Here are the tips and tricks that can help lengthen the wonderful fragrance.

Choose intense base notes
If you want your perfume to last longer, make sure to choose the right scent. Not all scents are created equal. Base scents are usually the most dramatic and last long. Spicy, woodsy, vanilla, frankincense and cedar are some of the fragrances that tend to linger for a while. So if longevity is your top concern, you might want to keep these fragrances.

Keep your skin hydrated
Perfumes last longer on a moisturized skin. Dry skin tends to absorb some of the scents, making it fade faster. Moisturized skin gives the fragrance something to adhere to so it lasts longer.

Layer your fragrances
Vary the concentration of your scent according to the situation. You can layer your fragrance using shower gel, lotion and scent from the same range to make a unique and a stronger scent. By wearing a few of them together, you build layers of fragrance that stick around throughout the day.

Know where to apply It

Apply perfume to warmer areas of your body, like your stomach and chest, wrists, as well as behind the knees and ears; they magnify a scent making it smell prominent and strong. The body heat helps to develop the scent so the top, middle and base notes come through fully. You can also apply perfume to the hair as it holds fragrance well.

Know when to apply It
Apply your perfume after showering and before you dress up. The extra moisture helps to lock in the scent and thus your fragrance will stay on for a longer time. It will also avoid staining your favourite kinds of clothes.

Never rub it in

Rubbing your perfume into your body can break the top notes of your fragrance, making your scent become different from what it was intended to be. Resist the urge of rubbing and instead spray your perfume in about 15-25cm from your skin so that it can distribute evenly.

Store in the right place
Avoid exposing your perfume to heat, light and humidity. Store your fragrance in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Spray your storage place, maybe the closet. When travelling, spray the bag so that the fragrance is enclosed inside. Also, buy your perfumes in spray bottles; it will avoid fragrance evaporation and chemical reaction with the air.


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