Bahati, Denno reunite for new inspirational song ‘Bado’ – VIDEO

Kenyan Gospel artist Kevin Mbuvi, popularly known as Bahati, has released a new song featuring Dennis Karanja, alias Denno, dubbed Bado.

The song, shot in a slum-like background, has a message of inspiration to the audience with the two seemingly asking God to urge them, when life gets tough, that ‘bado‘; which is a Swahili word meaning ‘not yet’, to imply that they still have a long way to go.

“Kuna wakati nafika mwisho niambie bado, kuna wakati nawaza sivyo niambie bado, nikumbushe bado, niambie bado,” sings Bahati.

The song goes on to highlight some of challenges which push them to the limits including joblessness, education, infidelity, rent, cancer treatment etc.

Denno, who rose to fame with the song Mbona featuring Daddy Owen, goes on to sing how he his blindness has caused him to never even seen the face of his wife besides also missing to see the stars shining and the sun rising.

The two previously worked on the hit song Stori Yangu, after which – according to Bahati – Denno faced a myriad of challenges in life, especially financially.

In an Instagram post prior to the song’s release, Bahati stated that all of Denno’s music will now be paid for by his record label, EMB Entertainment.

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#WHERE_IS_DENNO??? A Question asked by most of our Musical Fans I believe. Denno is a musical Sweet heart to many and was a big blessing to our Kenyan Music Scene until his Silence. WHY??? – Life Situations. Born Blind in 1988, is when his Journey started as he later Joined Thika School for the Blind. Three years ago he got married and he was blessed with a bouncing Baby Girl.I have Known Denno for some years now since we got Nominated in the Same category Groove Awards 2013. Due to our Friendship and as a fan of his Music we did a Collabo #STORY_YANGU that became one of our greatest hits. Unfortunately the last 3 years have not been the best to our brother as you know our Country, one hit song is not enough to put food on the table. His biggest challenge being Finances; it has been almost impossible to be consistent in Music in this Era that our industry demands Quality. It's sad being in a Situation where you have to raise a family using your Only gift– Music; but at the same time not been in a position due to the expenses of maintaining the Talent. Audio Songs and music videos have become so expensive and almost thought of quiting. Expensive Marketing, Lack of Shows etc.. I know this is not the best place to share this and Denno will Testify another day but… The Day Denno Shared with me I felt I should do something not just as Bahati but as his Fan. He's One of our Music Heroes to date, Despite the challenges, Denno's hard work has proved that #Disability_Is_Not_Inability. And the First Step that I have taken is to make Sure He Comes Back to the Music Industry/Ministry. And my First Step is to make sure all his Songs and Videos are Consistently Paid for Under @EMB_ENTERTAINMENT until the Day He stands Back on his Feet!!! My People With the Same Love that You've Shown Me since Day One. I plead the Same towards My Brother @DENNOMUSIC And I know If We Join Hands @DENNOMUSIC will be the Next Big Musician from 254… ARE YOU READY TO SEE HIS FIRST OFFICIAL COME BACK SONG???

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Below is the ‘Bado’ video:

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