Do’s and don’ts: How to keep the party going this festive season

By Ann Kamau

Holiday festivities quite practically equal partying; whether with friends or family, at events, house parties or outdoors – you call it and it is a party.

Now, partying involves banter, music, food, alcohol and more alcohol. Most parties start off so well, everyone vibing easy and having lots of fun before that one guy – there’s always that one guy – who’s had enough starts up something.

Some very kawaida scenarios are blacking out, fights, throwing up and/or burglary.

It’s sad, unfortunate and ridiculous how things escalate from 0 to 100 so fast and what was meant to be a great time becomes one of those days you never want to remember.

Which brings us here, to the party do’s and don’ts.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are one or two things you can actually do to ensure that the happy hour stays just that; a happy hour.

The Do’s:

Carry extra money

Always! This is for your cab back home. And regardless of what happens or how much turnt up you get, at least you’ll have that Ksh.1,000 set aside for transport back home. You do not want to be left stranded at a club or an already spoilt party with no cash to get home and having to text your mother for cash half-drunk.

Inform friends/family of your whereabouts

Having your close friends and family know where you are is grossly undervalued yet so important. No matter how old you are, tell them that you are going, where the event or party is and who you are with. That way people know where to get you and through whom if anything, god forbid, happens.

Charge your phone

I cannot emphasise this enough. You’d rather have your phone stuck at a socket the whole day before leaving the house because it is everything nowadays. It contains M-Pesa – incase you need to pay for anything, to avoid kuchonga viazi – as well as all the contacts of people you may need to call if anything goes wrong. So get it fully charged before heading out.


As you drink alcohol, also consume water at the same rate. This will not only help with the hangover but also with keeping you semi-sober so that you don’t get too drunk or wasted and black out, throw up or make a complete fool of yourself.

Eat before drinking

You want to have a good time? Then have something to eat before going out to drink or party. Something heavy, or else alcohol will make you feel all sorts of wrong because your body will not be able to handle it.

The Don’ts:

Do not go alone

This is such a no brainer. Never ever go out partying by yourself. Get a friend or two to keep one another in check and, of course, for security purposes. Clubs and events almost always get crazy and you want to have your mbogi when push comes to shove. There is strength in numbers.

Do not overdo it

Know your limits. Are you a lightweight or a heavy drinker? Do you know when you’ve had enough or more than enough? These are very important questions to ask oneself so that you know when to stop and call it a night.

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