Five simple things to know about Nairobi

By Ann Kamau

The rain has been on a continuous pour for a while now, leaving most residents of the capital dealing with floods.

The reason? Poor drainage. How? You and I didn’t think through the consequences throwing that banana peel out of a moving matatau would have, did we?

But floods aside, there are a few no-brainers people need to know about Nairobi during this period, or any other, really.

The sun is a lie

Listen, if it is the rainy season and the sun comes out, it is a scam, don’t fall for it. It will pour, sooner or later, almost always when you think you’re in the clear, like clockwork.

Hence, carry with you an umbrella wherever you go, wear an extra t-shirt or top or do one heavy outfit with closed shoes because you can never be too sure.


They are everywhere in this tiny little town of ours! The moment you seem distracted or uncertain of where you are going, they will appear. You have a fetching handbag, they will follow you. You seem like you have a laptop, they will follow you. You seem like an easy scare, they will follow you.


How do you spot one?

Easy! They look suspicious and will follow you when giving you straight up stares.

They will cross the road when you do, follow you closely and some of them might just come right up to you.

So what to do when you spot one?

Play cool and get into any of the shops near you, a supermarket, nails parlour or shoe shop, anything.


Surely, by now everybody has got to know that kanjos are no joke. When they show up, style up. Get away from the running mobs of hawkers before you get yourself in a fix.

Move to the opposite direction and, again, get into establishment near you.


Traffic is another no-brainer in the capital. That comes coupled with lack of matatus and you are left stranded at the station or your bus stop for a good hour lining up in the cold.

So always have your scarf, jacket, shawl earphones or a book. Also do not feel shy to get some quality shut-eye while in your ride home in traffic.

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