Former VP Kijana Wamalwa’s children seeking rescue from financial woes


Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa is embroiled in an inheritance tussle over former Vice President Kijana Wamalwa’s estate.

Two of Kijana Wamalwa’s kin, born of the late Yvonne Wamalwa, are accusing the Cabinet Secretary of teaming up with their relatives to dethrone them from their father’s estate.

The situation was further exacerbated by the passing on of their mother Yvonne Wamalwa in January 2018.

The matter that is now in court has already forced Kijana Wamalwa’s last born daughter, Michelle Wamalwa, out of school for over one year.

” If you want to continue with school… If you want food, then sell the house,” Michelle claims is the response she always gets.

According to the two, since the passing on of the former vice president, the late Yvonne Wamalwa struggled to access her medical cover even when she battled cancer and she couldn’t access her pension.

All these, frozen by court injunctions instituted by relatives who are demanding a piece of the cake.

Unable to access their parents’ benefits given the numerous injunctions, as if that was not enough, an injunction has now been placed on their Karen family home.

“All I did was to be born in the family…Its no like a job application where you have to send it in,” lamented Michelle.

“This is not a plea for money or financial aid, it is almost a plea to be left alone,” said Duke Mboya- Kijana Wamalwa’s son.

In an affidavit filed in court, the duo have also accused their step sister of scheming to remove their late mother and themselves from managing Kijana Wamalwa’s property just six months after the passing on of Yvonne Wamalwa.

“The people who fighting against us are extremely influential and respected, they are on TV every day with the President or the Deputy President” said Duke Mboya.

Efforts to reach CS Wamalwa for a comment proved futile as his phone was off most of Friday evening.

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