Here are FIVE signs you are in a situationship

A great population  is on this bandwagon where everything is a fantasy, all flowery and fun. Situationships are casual relations where individuals proceed without defining what they are getting themselves into.

This is popularly termed as ‘hanging out’. Individuals in this situation don’t commit but rather prefer to link up at their convenience. Situationship is a trend today which come in after relationship statuses like “booty call”and/or “Friends With Benefits”.

Here are some signs to look out for:

One-sided Communication

Normally the communication that takes place is from one party in the relationship, they tend to text or call most of the time.

It is one party in the relationship that initiates conversations, makes plans or uses pet names like Boo, Babe when addressing the other party.

The communication occurs only during the weekends to have fun or engage in sex talks and have nothing much to talk about.  Silence dominates this kind of relations.

No outings

When you are in a relationship where all one does is call you to hang out at their place to ‘Netflix and Chill’ in the name of spending quality time with you then you don’t have to wait to hear it from him/her, it’s clear you are in a situation.

Quite often than not, that person takes you nowhere; whether for lunch, dinner, event, or even a cup of coffee.

In some instances the case isn’t so, you get to meet but in a group with their friends who never know what to address you as because they cannot differentiate between you and the other partners. They make this kind of move so as not to be spotted alone with you and to be regarded as your official partner.


This is often mistaken as one of the five languages of love; receiving or giving gifts. Individuals find themselves spending so much on the other person in the atmosphere of love, but receive  nothing in return.

The other partner is always on the receiving end, getting them gifts whenever you are shopping or see something that can suite them, but they never do the same for you.


Have you ever been in a relationship with someone but never got introduced to their close friends or any family members?

Then you, my dear friend, were in a situationship!

In this type of relations, one is never properly introduced, it’s just brushing through so get over with it and make sure no one catches your name during social get-togethers.

Future plans

Guys in this situation operate on last minute plans or spur-of-the-moment plans. There is no laid out plan of how things are set to unfold in the future. The kind of talks they engage in revolves around the present moment; unlike couples in a real relationship who make plans for weeks or even months to come.

Sometimes we get ourselves into this situation knowingly hoping things change with time, just know it might not. If you look for something more permanent just ask the other person to be clear of their intentions visa vie your needs.

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