Ladies, here are five simple DIY life hacks

Over time, we have mastered our life routines and patterns; knowing what works for us and what we can exploit to effectively address our needs at the moment. Life hacks are shortcuts, tricks, tips or simple ways of executing our tasks or even beauty routines.

Ladies here are some life hacks that are quick and easy to execute:

1. Off-shoulder outfits

Ladies, we can all agree on the kind of embarrassment and annoyance that comes with pulling down our off-shoulder tops and dresses in social gatherings. The pull and pull makes life so unbearable and everyone’s attention shifts to your dress instead of your conversation. But not anymore! All you need is a rubber band and two safety pins. For starters; pin the safety pins to the rubber band on extreme ends, then pin it to the top or dress underneath the shoulder area. Do the same on both sides of the attire.

When rocking your off-shoulder top or dress ensure the rubber band passes under the armpits. Remember to slay it once the sun is up.

2. Mascara tube

Ever wondered what to do with your used up mascara tube? Then here’s a plan.  Ladies, you can actually exploit the used up mascara to brush through your baby hair and the braids on your hairline once they start becoming loose or old. Simply brush through your hairline and edges to make them darker and neat. Also, make sure to lay your edges in C’s, going in towards the braids.

3. Sour dark thighs

Let’s face it, people hardly put on bikers nowadays and even if they wished to do so it wouldn’t be possible on all outfits. Sour thighs and friction often occurs when the inner thighs rub while walking and this is majorly experienced by our thick babes.

This can be eliminated by simply rubbing regular body oil like Arimis or baby oil of your choice on the inner thighs and as a result they smoothly slide against each each leaving them smooth.

4. Faulty zippers

Imagine walking through the streets so majestic like the peng’ ting you are then suddenly someone taps you to inform you your zipper is down. Such an embarrassment, right? But all this is sorted by the use of a key ring, just get one hook it on to the zipper box then hang it to the button when you zip up. So easy and cool, no need to be cautious of your pants.

5. Meshy night gown

Ladies, there are moments we feel less beautiful, less sexy and most often don’t love ourselves enough especially in the bedroom so we prefer altered lights, dim or no lights at all. But here is a hack to elevate the mood. You can actually resort to meshy, fishnet like lingerie which makes your body blur and things like stretch marks or scars less visible.

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