Manchester United loss to Chelsea forces NTV TV presenter to wear a dress on live TV

The thorough vanquishing of Manchester United on Sunday night at the hands of Chelsea, saw NTV Uganda’s  presenter Andrew Kabuura dress like girl on live TV.

A bet is a bet and a man is only as good as his word, they say.

According to NTV’s Press Box show-host, Joe Khamadi, Kabuura- his co-host – had promised to wear a dress if the Red Devils lost to Chelsea.

Khamadi was to wear a vest the entire show in case Chelsea lost.

And then Kabuura’s team lost resoundingly.  A humbling 3-1.

So on Monday night as agreed, Kabuura went on live TV and hosting the entire show decked in an off-shoulder midi dress,  cinched at the waist with a belt.

Andrew Kabuura getting ready for the show on Monday evening. Photo: Andrew Kabuura/Instagram.

He also took a moment to pose with a colleague, Rita Kanya.

Shortly after the show, Kabuura took to Twitter saying the dress debacle was easily the most embarrassing moment of his entire life.

“Thank you for watching #NTVPressbox. Easily the most embarrassing thing I’ve done on air. Never to bet again!” He tweeted. 

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