Money, influence & convincing power take centre stage as SONU elections approach


When it comes to matters student leadership, the University of Nairobi has always stood out.

Characterised by flamboyance, many aspirants always seek to pull stunts that would be remembered for many years to come.

And this time around, Sam Ayoma seems to be taking the comrades by surprise.

The Third Year student is said to have set aside Ksh4 million for campaigns alone.

Speaking to EDAILY Mr Ayoma, who is running for SONU chairperson, said:  “I am happy that the university saw it better to reverse their earlier plan to disqualify me. I thank comrades for trusting me and always supporting me.”

Mr Ayoma’s key opponent is Ann Mvurya Mwangi.

The SONU elections will take place on Friday, April 5.

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