#WajingaNyinyi explained: Ten things King Kaka addresses in latest hit

Kenyan Hip Hop maestro King Kaka, real name Kennedy Ombima, has been a trending topic online for two days now, owing to his latest release ‘Wajinga Nyinyi.’

The wordsmith, in ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’, takes on societal ills brought about by the ruling political class in a manner unlike any other seen before in the creative space.

EDAILY reviewed the piece and outlines ten – out of the many – things King Kaka addressed in the song.

  1. 2022 Politics

“Sisi ni vipofu na viziwi na tunajua translator wetu alishadedi

2022 already si mnajua nani ni Prezzi…”

King Kaka seemingly hits out at politicians who have already hit the ground running in preparation for the 2022 presidential race, despite the fact that it is still two years too early. He presumably alludes to the fact that, instead of fulfilling promises from the manifestos under which they were elected, a section of politicians are only interested in being elected again and staying in power.

  1. Tribalism during political seasons

“So nashangaa mbona akili zenu time ya kura zinajaa shonde

Na hiyo wiki ndio ntajua jirani yangu huwa mjaka

Kama kumbe huwa msapere, ata salamu hawata pata…”

The country is most certainly always divided along tribal lines during the electioneering periods, hence the now (in)famous ‘mtu wetu’ phrase. What this division does is that it creates a certain kind of enmity that turns even neighbours into foes and friends into rivals. Hence each side votes for the candidate from their own tribes, regardless of whether or not they are actually qualified for the job and have the interests of citizens at heart.

  1. Education 

“Fununu ni ati system ya education ni ya uduu

Is it true that’s why umepeleka mtoi wako asomee majuu

While graduates wanashika placards kwa traffic…”

The current education system has been faulted by many for focusing on papers rather than actual skills, hence leaving most graduates in the country jobless after school since they do not have the technical know-how required in the real job market. King Kaka seemingly wonders why this could be the reason most politicians send their children to study overseas; because they themselves do not believe in the very system they are elected to fix.

  1. National Youth Service (NYS) scandal

“Ati Waiguru ako kwa office na story ya NYS tulishasahau

Biro moja alibuy 8 thao, biro tunanunuanga mbao…

Either sisi ndio wajinga ama ako na marking scheme ya Accau…”

In 2015, at least Ksh.791 million was said to have been misappropriated at the Ministry of Devolution and Planning through fraudulent transactions in the National Youth Service (NYS).

The Ministry, according to documents in the public domain, procured 18 male and female condom dispensers at a cost of Ksh.450,000 (which translates to Ksh.25,000 each) and 20 ball point pens at Ksh.174,000 (which translates to Ksh.8,700).

The then Devolution Cabinet Secretary later stepped down, sought a political seat and is presently a sitting governor.

  1. Betting

“…vijana wanabet na kifo

Wanadai betting imewapea job mob kuwaliko…”

The state of joblessness in the country at the moment has driven a large number of youth towards betting and gambling. King Kaka uses this fact to criticize the government for not providing the youth with enough opportunities.

  1. Church donations

“Si basi wakam kwa church watoe pesa tulitoa kama tax

Na pastor anakiss a**, ampatie hadi asome ka verse

Na sisi tuko busy waking nyinyi tunaclap…”

Politicians have, in the recent past, taken to the pulpit to donate millions of shillings. The wordsmith points out the irony of Kenyan citizens cheering them on while those donations could very well be from their (citizens’) own pockets in terms of taxes. He also castigates pastors and preachers for condoning and celebrating this habit.

  1. White collar crime

“Iba tu hiz mamita mko scot free

Niibe tu kuku ntalala ndani…”

King Kaka alludes to the fact that very few politicians accused of swindling public funds in their millions (otherwise known as white collar crime) are very rarely ever found guilty and jailed while petty offenders such as chicken thieves are slapped with hefty jail terms regularly.

  1. Government appointments

“Swali, ni ukweli lazima uretire ndio upate job

So inamaanisha lazima kwanza job ndio nipate job job

The youth ni Moody at 90 na Gikonyo at 80

Manifesto mlisema job ni plenty…”

The president has, on numerous occasions, been criticized for appointing old guards to government positions instead of qualified youth. King Kaka throws at a jab at this since youth employment is practically the main thing on the manifesto under which the Head of State actually rode on during campaign.

  1. Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB)

“KQ walisamehewa deni ya 24 bil, sugar mili, farms ni 40 bili

Na ujinga yenu mnaweka students hawajalipa kwa gazeti HELB…”

HELB last month sparked mixed reactions after announcing that they would publish photos and names of at least 85,000 Kenyans who have failed to service a loan of Ksh.50 billion issued since 1975. King Kaka finds it laughable that the government would write off loans – in their billions – advanced to the Kenya Airways (KQ), sugar factories and farmers but punish unemployed youth.

10. Miguna Miguna deportation

“Wasipandishe tax hizo ndio dreams mi huwa nazo nikituna

What are we really doing as a country saa zile tunachuja Miguna…”

Kenyan-Canadian lawyer and self-declared General Miguna Miguna was, on the night of February 6, deported after he administered the oath to opposition leader Raila Odinga when he was ‘sworn in’ as the “People’s President” on January 30, 2018.

He returned to Kenya in late March 2018 but was denied entry at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport before being bundled into an Emirates flight EK 722 to Dubai.

King Kaka presumably questions the actions by the government to continuously deny Miguna Miguna entry into the country despite securing a court order.

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